Eden Gardens Kolkata Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

Eden Gardens, located in Kolkata, India, is not just a cricket stadium but a hallowed ground with a rich tapestry of cricketing history. Eden Gardens has been a witness to historic cricket moments, including the memorable 1987 World Cup final. Renowned for its electric atmosphere, the stadium’s lush green outfield and historic architecture add to its charm. The pitch at this cricket ground often provides an engaging contest between bat and ball, making matches held here a captivating experience for players and spectators alike. As a symbol of Kolkata’s passion for cricket, Eden Gardens remains an integral part of India’s cricketing heritage Now, let’s know about Eden Gardens Kolkata Boundary Length And Seating Capacity.

Eden Gardens Kolkata Boundary Length

Eden Gardens Cricket Ground in Kolkata has boundary length measuring from 75 to 85 meters. The straight boundaries measure around 85 meters, offering a stern test for batsmen aiming to clear the ropes. Meanwhile, the square boundaries extend to approximately 75 meters, creating a dynamic playing field that demands strategic shot selection and precision from both batsmen and bowlers. These dimensions contribute to the unique character of Eden Gardens, ensuring that every boundary scored or wicket taken is a testament to skill and strategy on this historic cricket ground. Also Read: Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium Ahmedabad Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

Eden Gardens Kolkata Seating Capacity

Eden Gardens stands proud as one of the largest and most iconic stadiums globally, boasting a seating capacity of over 66,000. This colossal arena has been witness to countless cricketing epics, offering a diverse range of seating options, from the bustling general stands to the exclusive enclosures. The vast capacity ensures a pulsating atmosphere during matches, as passionate fans fill the stadium, creating an electric ambiance that adds to the allure of this historic venue. Also Read: Wankhede Stadium Mumbai Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

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