Ekana Cricket Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

Ekana Cricket Stadium, situated in Lucknow, India, stands as a modern and well-equipped venue for cricket enthusiasts. Known for its state-of-the-art facilities, the stadium has become a notable destination for domestic and international cricket matches. Ekana Stadium is the home ground of Lucknow Supergiants in IPL. With a well-maintained playing field and a vibrant atmosphere, Ekana Cricket Stadium continues to play a crucial role in shaping memorable moments in the world of cricket. In this article, let’s know all about Ekana Cricket Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity.

Ekana Cricket Stadium Boundary Length

Remarkably, Ekana Cricket Stadium boasts the longest straight boundaries among all Indian stadiums, exceeding 75 yards. Both square and straight boundaries extend beyond 70 yards from the center pitch. Batsmen face a challenging task in accumulating runs here, and hitting lofty shots that clear the infield might not swiftly reach the fence, distinguishing Ekana from the majority of cricket venues in India. Also Read: Top 5 Biggest Stadiums In India 2024

Ekana Cricket Stadium Seating Capacity

Ekana Cricket Stadium has a seating capacity of 50,100 fans, making it the fifth-largest international stadium in the country in terms of seating capacity. The immense seating capacity amplifies the cricket arena with the noise of thousands of cricket enthusiasts. The ambiance and fans energy in Ekana Stadium is extensive and intimidating to the away team. Also Read: Top 5 Smallest Stadiums In India 2024

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