R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium Colombo Boundary Length and Seating Capacity

The R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium, formerly known as Khettarama Stadium, is a cricket stadium that is located in the Maligawatta suburb on Khettarama Road in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is the largest stadium in Sri Lanka and one of the main venues where the team plays. The Sri Lankan Cricket Team has hosted more than 150 ODIs, 50 T20Is, and 8 test matches at this venue. In 1986, this stadium hosted its first ever ODI match between the Sri Lankan Cricket Team and the New Zealand Cricket Team, which was won by the visiting side. Apart from all this, the R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium also holds the record for the highest Test score in history, which was 952 by Sri Lanka against the Indian Cricket Team. Read the article to learn more about R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium Boundary Length and Seating Capacity.

R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium Colombo Boundary Length

R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium Colombo, the home ground of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team, features a straight boundary of 82 meters at the Khettarama End and 87 meters at the Maligawatte End. According to the reports, the square boundary on one side is around 60 meters, while on the other side it is about 65 meters. This stadium is suitable for batters due to the short side boundaries and favorable pitch. In the first ever over, bowlers may get an advantage with respect to the swinging conditions for the new ball. Spinners gain an advantage over the pace bowlers when the pitch starts to deteriorate in the middle overs. Also read: SuperSport Park Centurion Cricket Ground Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium Colombo Seating Capacity

As per the reports, the seating capacity of R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium Colombo, is around 35,000 spectators. This beautiful stadium has hosted tournaments like the 1996 Cricket World Cup, the 2011 Cricket World Cup, the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 Cup, and the 2023 Asia Cup. This stadium is built on swampland, which was used by monks ferrying across to the Khettarama temple adjacent to the stadium. Related: The Gabba Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

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