Simonds Cricket Stadium Geelong Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

Simonds Stadium, located in Geelong, Australia, is a popular venue that hosts exciting cricket matches, especially in the Big Bash League (BBL). This vibrant stadium creates a fantastic atmosphere for cricket enthusiasts with its energetic crowd and modern facilities. It’s a place where teams showcase their skills and entertain fans with thrilling T20 action. The BBL matches at Simonds Stadium are a must-watch, offering a perfect blend of sporting prowess and a lively fan experience. Here, in this article, let’s know about Simonds Cricket Stadium Geelong Boundary Length And Seating Capacity.

Simonds Cricket Stadium Geelong Boundary Length

Simonds Stadium in Geelong features a boundary ranging from 60 to 70 meters. The straight boundary spans around 70 meters, while the square boundary measures approximately 60 meters. Consequently, the ground is characterized by relatively compact dimensions, making it a notably small venue in terms of boundary size. The proportion between the boundary dimensions indicates that the dimensions favor the batting team always as there is less space to cover, compared to other stadiums in Australia. Exhibiting straight drives for a potential boundary is very practical and authoritative. In Case you Missed it: The Gabba Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

Simonds Cricket Stadium Geelong Seating Capacity

Simonds Stadium boasts a substantial seating capacity that adds to the allure of sporting events hosted at this iconic venue. With a seating capacity that can accommodate thousands of enthusiastic spectators, the stadium provides a vibrant and electric atmosphere during cricket matches, including those held as part of the Big Bash League (BBL). The diverse seating options in Simonds stadium, including grandstands and general admission areas, add up to 40,000 seating capacity for all the fans. As people walk into the stadium, the air changes its nature into an aggressive and empowered surrounding, where fans make the noise decibels hit the stratosphere. Also Read: Sydney Showground Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

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