Perth Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity

The Perth Stadium, located in the vibrant city of Perth, Western Australia, is a modern-day marvel that welcomes sports enthusiasts with open arms. Opened in 2018, this artistic facility has quickly become a hub for exciting cricket matches and various other events. One of the thrilling events hosted at Perth Stadium is the Big Bash League (BBL), an enchanting and popular T-20 cricket competition in Australia. With its lively atmosphere and cutting-edge privileges, Perth Stadium sets the stage for explosive cricket action during the Big Bash League, attracting fans of all ages to witness the excitement. In this article, we are going to discuss all about the Perth Stadium Boundary Length And Seating Capacity.

Perth Stadium Boundary Length

Perth Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Australia with side boundary extends up to 80 meters while the straight boundary measures up to 65 meters. The side boundary length is extensively larger when compared to the length of the straight boundary. The stadium proves to be a coliseum for cricket battles due to its gigantic structure where the boundary is around 72 meters, in the direction of the leg and third man. The boundary length of Perth Stadium is decisive and gives the upper hand to the batting team. Due to its larger side boundary length, the fielding team must constantly remain alert as the distance is larger to cover. The straight boundary length being short helps the batting team to play powerful straight shots, giving them numerous amount of chances to score boundaries. Also Read: Who is Virat Kohli Wife? Know All About Anushka Sharma

Perth Stadium Seating Capacity

Perth Stadium has a seating capacity of 61,266 attendees, making the stadium an absolute powerhouse in the world of Cricket. It is the third largest stadium in Australia, after the Melbourne Cricket Stadium and Stadium Australia. With the emphatic stadium seating capacity, the energy in the stadium during matches is heated and electric. Perth Stadium is one of the domestic wonders in Australia in the realms of cricket, choking the opposition away team with its charging envelope. The Big Bash League, being one of the most anticipated domestic cricket leagues, has various significant domestic teams competing for the title and Perth Stadium is a venue that is eagerly waiting to welcome the empowering fans. Also Read: Who is MS Dhoni Wife? Know All About Sakshi Dhoni

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