7 Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time – Ranked

Back in a time when there was no visual technology to watch anything, commentary was a tool that helped people get to know what was happening at that very moment. From ancient times to the modern era, commentary remains an essential part in various ways. Listening to the news, weather updates, lectures, etc. are many ways by which we can analyze how much commentary plays an important part in our daily lives.

Commentary plays a great role in sports. The right words can transform any moment into a memorable and fascinating scene. Especially for a cricket fan, commentary is the voice of cricket; without it, it would feel like a dish without salt. So in this article, we will talk about the seven greatest cricket commentators of all time and their nail-biting impact on the cricket world. These commentators, with their quality commentary, have made some moments the greatest cricketing moments of all time.

7 Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time – Ranked

1) Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas is ranked 1st in our list of Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time. Nicholas did not have an international career, but his voice is a major part of international cricket. He started his career as a commentator in 1995 with Sky Sports. Mark remains a major part of every arch-rival battle. His ability to describe the action takes you as close to feeling the action happening on the ground as possible. Also Read: Top 5 Biggest Stadiums In India 2024

2) Richie Benaud

Richie Benaud is the legend of the Australian cricket team, both on and off the field. His contribution to cricket was remarkable. After he retired from cricket, he devoted his time to being a commentator. He was an unbiased and morally high commentator. He started his career as a commentator in 1960; he initially worked for the BBC, followed by Channel 9. He was part of the commentary box when Shane Warne bowled the ball of the century.

3) Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle is also called the voice of Indian cricket. He is one of the finest Indian commentators. He started his career on All India Radio at the age of 19. He was the first Indian to get an invitation from an Australian broadcasting corporation for the 1992 World Cup. His charming voice, coupled with his detailed description of the situation, made him one of the favorites in commentary.

4) Sunil Gavaskar

Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar is one of the greatest batsmen and also one of the Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time. After his astonishing career, he started his commentary innings, and his in-depth knowledge of the game made him one of the finest commentators ever. Due to his love and passion for cricket, he always spits out facts, even if it leads to controversy. He is open about his thoughts during the commentary and shares his point of view about the game, which led him to become one of the best critics of the game. Also Read: Top 3 Worst Teams in IPL History

5) Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri is one of the most energetic personalities in the commentary box. He made his commentary debut in 1995. Give him a match, wait for a minute, and then watch his enthusiastic and powerful voice, which will make the game more alive. A 2011 ODI World Cup final commentary by Ravi Shastri will always live in the hearts of every Indian cricket fan. He has been commentating since last 30 years and his hard work let him included in our list of Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time.

6) Tony Grieg

Tony Grieg is arguably one of the finest voices in cricket. The South African-born English cricketer was a heart of commentary in the early days of cricket. His detailed description of pitch reports is one of the most decrypted explanations ever made by any commentator. He was a very popular commentator in foreign countries for his commentary and was a constant part of the Nine Network. His joy of being part of cricket, even as a commentator, could be felt in his unforgettable commentaries.

7) Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop is a former West Indies player and one of the pure analysts of the game. Unlike other commentators, he is one of the serious commentators who always analyses the game as if he is part of it. His mature and in-depth outlook towards cricket provides great knowledge of the game to cricket fans. Also Read: Top 5 Smallest Stadiums In India 2024

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