IPL Net Worth and Annual Income in 2024

The IPL, also known as the Indian Premier League, is a T20 men’s cricket league that is annually conducted by the BCCI in India. This cricket league was founded in 2007 by the BCCI and was first held in 2008. The IPL is held in an exclusive window in the ICC Future Tours Programme due to fewer cricketing tours happening during that time. As of 2024, this is the most popular cricket league in the world. A total of 10 teams compete in a league format for a shining golden trophy. The IPL contributes a large amount of money in the revenue of BCCI and the GDP of India. Mr. Arun Singh Dhumal is the current Chairman of the IPL as of 2024. In this article, we will discuss about IPL Net Worth and Annual Income in 2024.

IPL Net Worth in 2024

As per the sources, the Indian Premier League or IPL has a net worth estimated to be around $10.9 billion as of 2024. Eight of the ten teams in the IPL have a brand value of more than $100 million, with the Chennai Super Kings having the highest brand value of $212 million. As of 2024, Tata is the title sponsor of IPL and pays an amount of $42 million to the organizers. Companies like Rupay, Saudi Aramco, Dream 11, Swiggy Instamart, Upstox, Cred, Herbalife, Paytm, and Ceat sponsor the IPL as of 2024. Also Read: BCCI Net Worth and Annual Income in 2024

IPL Annual Income in 2024

According to the official website, Indian Premier League or IPL generated a total revenue of around $292 million in the 2023 season. Star Sports Network and Jio Cinema own the media and broadcasting rights of the IPL from 2023–2027. The IPL is thirteenth on the list of professional sports leagues by revenue in the world. The 2023 IPL featured $6.2 million as the winning prize money and $1.7 million as the runner-up prize money. Also Read: ICC Net Worth and Annual Income in 2024

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