LED Cricket Stumps Price 2024 in Indian Rupees: How Much Does LED Stumps Cost?

Virat Kohli speaking near the wickets in the India vs. South Africa series, or have you ever thought about where the voice of the players behind the wicket is recorded? From where is the sound getting recorded? How is the close call of wickets now easily tackled in modern days? What is the LED Cricket Stumps Price in 2024 in Indian Rupees? All the questions will be answered in this article.

In today’s cricketing era, technology plays an important role in different fields of cricket. Various technologies have been introduced in cricket in recent times, such as the DRS system, hotspot, snickometer, etc. All these technologies were introduced to make more clear and accurate decisions during the match. Human eyes cannot catch all the details that new technologies can notice. One of the latest innovations that has been introduced in cricket is LED Stumps and Bails. The ICC used LED stumps and bails for the first time in the 2014 ICC T20 World Cup and since then it has been used everywhere like IPL, BBL, ICC Tournaments, etc. Also Read: Top 10 Greatest Indian Spinners of all time

LED Cricket Stumps Price 2024 in Indian Rupees: How Much Does LED Stumps Cost?

In earlier times, it was very difficult to make accurate decisions during run-outs and stumping calls, which sometimes led to the wrong decision. One wrong decision can change the winning and losing sides in a matter of minutes. So LED Cricket Stumps & Bails were introduced to have correct decisions between the games, especially helpful during the third-umpire review. But these stumps cost a lot for cricket boards. These LED Cricket Stumps and Bails have eye-opening prices.

As per reports, a set of LED Cricket Stumps cost around 25–30 lakh in Indian Rupees as of 2024. Even the bails cost 50,000 rupees. ICC buys these stumps from Australian company Zing International Pvt. Ltd. Apart from Zing, Stump Vision and Intellicon offer these technologies, stumps and bails to the country’s cricket boards.

Why LED Cricket Stumps are so Expensive?

LED Cricket Stumps are so expensive because of the inbuilt light, touch-sensitive sensor, inbuilt camera, mic, microprocessor, and other hidden technologies being used inside it to give accurate information.

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