Ranji Trophy Players Salary in 2024: How much does a Ranji Trophy Player earn?

Ranji Trophy is like a world cup for growing Indian cricketers, also called domestic first-class cricket. It was named after one of India’s first test cricket players, Ranjitsinhji who played for England and Sussex. Ranji Trophy, in its earlier times, got criticized by players due to low payouts in tournaments. But with time, when the Indian team won the 1983 World Cup and started to establish their dominance in world cricket, many people started taking cricket seriously, which increased the value of the Ranji Trophy and payouts to players. So, here in this article, we’ll talk about the Ranji Trophy Players Salary in 2024 and also get to know how much upcoming Indian Cricketers earn from this domestic first-class tournament.

The Ranji Trophy is played by regional teams. One of the distinguishing features of this league is that, apart from regional teams, the tournament also consists of government teams such as the railway team and several others. It is said and many times witnessed that any player who has an exceptional performance in the Ranji trophy can increase his chances of being selected for the national team.

In recent years, the Ranji Trophy has gained great recognition and has a similar status to county cricket, which is the English version of the Ranji Trophy, played in England. The Ranji Trophy was founded by BCCI, and the first time this series was announced in 1934. Madras and Mysore were the teams to play the first-ever match of the Ranji Trophy at Chepuk Stadium.

Ranji Trophy Players Salary in 2024: How much does a Ranji Trophy Player earn?

First, we have to understand the format of the Ranji Trophy. In the session of 2022–23, 32 teams took part, and 138 matches were played. One match of the tournament is being played for four days, and knockout matches are played for five days. Players in the Ranji Trophy get payouts on a per-day basis. and the payout is different for players in playing XI and Players not in Playing XI.

From the past few years until the 2020–2021 season, Ranji Trophy Players Salary used to be 35,000 rupees per day (players in the playing XI) and 17500 rupees for other players (players not in the playing XI).

But according to the latest 2024 pay structure (from 2021–22) of Ranji Trophy players, BCCI has categorized the Ranji Trophy Player Salary in 2024 as follows:

Here, Players with more than 40 matches get paid 60,000 rupees per playing day. Players with 21–40 matches get paid 50,000 rupees per playing match, and the last category of players with 0–20 matches gets paid 40,000 rupees per playing match. Reserved players get paid 50% of the same amount in each category based on the matches they have played. And non-players or players who are not included even in playing XI get paid 25,000 rupees per day.

Type of PlayersMatches PlayedSalary
Included in Playing XI0-2040000
Included in Playing XI21-4050000
Included in Playing XI40+60000
Reserved Playersn/a50% of Same Category
Not Included in Playing XIn/a25000
Ranji Trophy Players Salary in 2024

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