Best & Most Popular T20 Cricket Leagues in the World

From the beginning, cricket is a long format that takes 5–6 days to complete a single match. But with time, the 60-over format and then 50-over format became popular, also called one-day cricket. But in modern times, as people became more busy, the cricket format also changed and evolved into a 20-over format only. Moroever, T20 format was invented in 2003 but became known to people after the success of the T20 World Cup 2007.

After the World Cup’s success, it paved the way for many T20 leagues, which are major sources of entertainment for people in today’s time. T20 leagues are popular leagues in which players from different nations come together to form one league team and represent it for 1-2 months. Due to such leagues, friendly relations between the players have increased significantly. Now let’s have a look at the seven best T20 Cricket Leagues in the world.

Best & Most Popular T20 Cricket Leagues in the World

1) Indian Premier League (IPL)

When we talk about the T20 league, what is the first thing that hits everybody’s mind? Yes, you guessed it right: Indian Premier League. IPL or Indian Premier League is the most popular, cash-rich and ranks 1st among the Best & most famous T20 Cricket Leagues in the World. Since its inauguration in 2008, it has gained huge success. It is one of the most-followed leagues in the world. IPL is like a two-month festival for fans. It consists of 10 league teams; the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are the most successful franchises in the league while Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals and RCB never won the title in the last 15 years and are considered as worst teams in IPL.

2) Big Bash League (BBL)

Cricket Australia has its own T20 league, known as the Big Bash League or KFC Big Bash League. BBL is one of the best and most famous leagues after IPL in the world and ranks among the Best T20 Cricket Leagues in the World. It was introduced in 2011. The BBL consists of local players from Australia and international players from all around the world except India. It consists of 8 franchises; Perth Scorchers is the most successful franchise of BBL. The winners of BBL get a winning amount of 4,50,000 USD. Also Read: Top 10 Best Jersey Numbers in Cricket

3) T20 blast league

T20 Blast, also known as the Vitality T20 League for sponsorship reasons, is a cricket league established by the England and Wales Cricket Board. It is the oldest professional T20 league in the world. The league consists of 18 teams from various cities in Britain. Leicestershire County Cricket Club is the most successful team in this tournament. The league is very underrated and not as popular as the IPL and BBL. The winning team of T20 Blast gets 236,127 USD.

4) Pakistan Super League (PSL)

India’s neighboring country, Pakistan, also has its own T20 league. The Pakistan Super League is owned by the Pakistan Cricket Board. It was introduced and established in 2015, and in such a short time, it became one of the most popular leagues in the world. In the initial season of the league, there were 5 teams, but in 2017, the 6th team was introduced. The winners of the PSL get the winning amount of 505,000 USD.

5) Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

West Indies cricket is known for its powerful impact in T20 format. West Indian players are one of the reasons for the immense success of T20 leagues around the world. The Caribbean Premier League is the T20 League of West Indies Cricket. It was introduced by the West Indies Board in 2013, which replaced the Caribbean Twenty-20. The league gets excellent response in the West Indies and is one of the major sources of income for West Indies players. The winning team in the league gets prize money of 429,799 USD. Also Read: 7 Greatest Wicketkeepers of all time – Ranked

6) Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

The Bangladesh Premier League is one of the major T20 leagues in the world. It is owned by the Bangladesh Cricket Board, and it replaced the National Cricket League T20. The BPL consists of seven franchise teams in the tournament. The league is responsible for producing many great talents like Mustafa ur Rehman and many more. Due to the BPL, the presence of the Bangladeshi team has gained more strength and relevance with time in international cricket. The winners of BPL get a prize of 236,099 USD.

7) Lanka Premier League (LPL)

Lanka Premier League is the T20 League of Sri Lanka. It is owned by the Sri Lanka Board and was inaugurated in 2020. Six teams participate in the LPL. The Lanka Premier League provides a platform for several local players in Sri Lanka and provides them with an opportunity to show their talent. Players with excellent performances in the league also get the chance to become part of the national cricket team. The winner of the LPL gets the winning amount of 100,000 USD.

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