7 Greatest Wicketkeepers of all time – Ranked

Wicketkeeping is one of the essentials of cricket and plays an important role behind the wickets. They can change the game with their quick reflexes, glovework, and stumping. From time to time, wicketkeepers guide the bowlers after analyzing the playing conditions and strengths of the batters. Wicketkeepers also play an essential role during close calls between bat and ball. In the cricketing world, many great wicketkeepers were witnessed, from Adam Gilchrist to MS Dhoni. Today we are going to disclose the 7 greatest wicketkeepers of all time.

Understand the fact that wicketkeeping does not mean just catching the ball behind the stumps; running the game from behind the stumps is wicketkeeping. Now let’s see the seven greatest wicketkeepers in cricketing history.

Greatest Wicketkeepers of all time – Ranked

1) MS Dhoni

Indian legend, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is ranked 1st in our list of Greatest Wicketkeepers of all time who can turn the match while standing behind the wickets. Also known as Mr. DRS, is known for his ability to understand the crucial situation of a match and not only use his ability with gloves according to it but also set the whole field and create pressure on batters. Dhoni not only finishes off in style with the bat but also with gloves whenever it is needed to team. Also Read: 7 Greatest Indian Fast Bowlers of All Time

3) Adam Gilchrist

Legendary Australian wicketkeeper, Adam Gilchrist, is one of the best wicketkeepers of all time. His footwork was great while keeping behind the wickets. There are very few players who have the great skills that Gilchrist possesses. His eagle-eye wicketkeeping led him to hold many records as a wicketkeeper.

3) Mark Boucher

South African legend Mark Boucher is one of the greatest wicketkeepers of all time. He holds the record for the most dismissals in the world. His sharp precision in handling the ball behind the wickets made him one of the greatest.

4) Kumar Sangakkara

Handling Murlitharan bowling while keeping is not an easy thing that Sangakkara handled with ease. Sangakkara is one of the greatest batsmen to wear wicket-keeping gloves. His wicketkeeping skill was not any talent, but a lot of hard work and determination that he dedicated to it. Behind MS. Dhoni, he has the most dismissals. Also Read: 7 Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time – Ranked

5) Ian Healy

The Australian team has produced many gems in the cricket world, and one of them is Ian Healy. He is one of the most talented wicketkeepers that Australia has kept in its inventory. For many years, he held the record for the most dismissals in international matches.

6) Quinton De Kock

After Boucher, South Africa has produced another wicket-keeping genius, Quinton De Kock. He is the opening batsman for the South African team. Quinton is an aggressive batsman but very balanced while wicketkeeping. He remains calm in all situations and always provides breakthroughs to the team whenever he gets the opportunity.

7) Rod Marsh

Australian legend, Rod Marsh, was a great wicketkeeper for Australia during the 1970s and 1980s. He had impressive wicket-keeping stats during the early era of cricket. His sharp reflexes help him get much more dismissals than any other wicketkeeper of his time. Also Read: Top 5 Biggest Stadiums In India 2024

TeamName of wicketkeeperNo. of dismissals
South AfricaMark Boucher998
AustraliaAdam Gilchrist905
IndiaMS Dhoni829
Sri LankaKumar Sangakkara678
AustraliaIan Healy628
South AfricaQuinton De Kock550
AustraliaRod Marsh479

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