7 Most Handsome Cricketers in the World in 2024

When we talk about cricket, the first thing that hits our minds is skills, pace, shots, players, classic style, and aggressive style. But there is also another factor due to which cricket is beloved by such a huge crowd, and that is the attraction of players. Players can be attractive in many ways, like by their hairstyle, tall and muscular bodies, or facial shapes. There can be many more factors to determine the handsomeness of cricketers. Here we are going to unveil the 7 most handsome cricketers in the world at present. The list can differ from fan’s perspectives. We have tried to cover these handsome players in cricket in this list.

Most Handsome Cricketers in the World – Ranked

1). Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is considered the Most Handsome Cricketers in the World at present. He is the most followed and loved cricketer in the world. His fitness, style, and aggression have made people love him. Kohli has huge records in his bank of cricket. He is a run machine who scores in the worst possible situation where the team needs him the most. In his early days of cricket, he was chubby and had an average body posture, but with time, his looks and records both increased in international cricket. Virat has a huge female fan base, and the reason for it is “the beauty with the skills’.

2). Pat Cummins

The Australian caption Pat Cummins is also one of the most handsome cricketers in the world. His sweet gestures, tall height, and good looks complement his fabulous bowling skills. Pat Cummins is one of the most successful captions in Australian history. He helped his team win the T20 World Cup, the ODI World Cup, and the Test championship. Even with such huge achievements, there is no sign of arrogance, ego, or attitude in his personality. Also Read: 7 Greatest Cricket Commentators of all time – Ranked

3). KL Rahul

KL Rahul is an Indian batsman who, from the start of his cricketing career, was known for his style and looks on the field. Rahul does not only impress people with his looks but also has amazing batting skills. He is one of the key players for the Indian team. Rahul also has a huge female fan base. Rahul has contributed to the team whenever there is a need for any position, like an opening batsman, a wicketkeeper, or a middle-order batsman.

4). AB de Villiers

Ab de Villiers, aka Mr. 360, is a former South African caption known for his unbelievable batting style. He was always a key component of his team. He is one of the most destructive batsmen in the world. AB always had respectful gestures towards opposition players and a calm personality. Not only his personality but his styled hair and boyish charm also made fans love him more. Also Read: 7 Greatest Indian Fast Bowlers of All Time

5). James Anderson

James Anderson is an English fast bowler. He is one of the most successful bowlers in cricket history. With his age, his looks and personality increase. His looks, personality, and tall and good body posture made him a point of attraction in the field even at the age of 41 years. In football, there is David Beckham, and in cricket, there is James Anderson. They will always remain a good example of the quote that “age is just a number.”

6). Alastair Cook

Sir Alastair Cook is a former England captain. He is one of the most successful test batsmen of the modern era. But his jawline also sets a record for one of the most dashing face shapes among other cricket players. He has charm and skills, both at equivalent levels. He is a left-handed batsman and the fifth-highest run scorer in Test cricket.

7). Shubman Gill

If Shubman is not included, the list will be incomplete. He is a young player with great talent. He is an opener for the Indian cricket team. Shubman has a huge female fan base, as his looks and style always remain the “talk of the town.” Shubman has that intent in his personality, which makes him loved by all Indians, especially girls. Also Read: 7 Greatest Wicketkeepers of all time – Ranked

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